Visiting Krka National Park in Croatia

Don’t you just love checking off something from your bucket list? I recently got to do that with a summer Euro trip I did. I spent one fantastic week in Croatia. While there I made sure to check off the infamous waterfalls that are Krka National Park. If you’ve never heard of Krka National Park I’m about to bless your life.

Getting There

Krka National Park is about an hour drive from Split. We booked through Go Adventure and for the 4 of us it cost 108€. We had also looked into a private driver for a total of 120€ but we ultimately picked Go Adventure because

  1. It was slightly cheaper
  2. They dealt with the ferry transfer between Skradin and the actual park
  3. If you booked with them you got a discount (about 25%) off your admission into the park

Side note – prices vary depending on month, student status, age ect. In the summer an adult costs about 27€. 

I would recommend them as the buses were comfortable with AC (very important!), WiFi and the tour guide gave us tips and recommendations about Skradin and Krka National Park. The whole excursion is between 8:30am to 5:00pm-ish. The drive is about an hour one way and the ferry about 30 minutes. In the end you have 5 hours in the area. Through Go Adventure you have the option of doing your own thing the entire 5 hours or attending a 30 minute tour with Magda (our guide) and then doing your own thing. We initially wanted to do the tour but by the time we got to the park, we just REALLY wanted to go swimming in the water and passed.

Skradin is this quaint town closest to the park. A ferry takes you there (sorry I’m not sure of the transfer cost because of point #2) or if you’d like and have the time, it’s about an hour walk. We had considered this as Magda said the walk is scenic however, at 8:30am that morning, it was already 27C so you can only imagine how hot it was at 10:30am and 2:30pm (when we headed back to Skradin). Important to note is that there are food vendors in the park with the staples (water, ice cream, beer) but bring cash! Make sure you bring snacks or head back to Skardin for a bite at an authentic restaurant. Another useful tidbit is Krka is only open between April to October.

Krka National Park (the good stuff!)

We arrived just before 11am and I would recommend that that is the latest you arrive. There were many people at 11am but you could still get some shots of the water without it being infiltrated with tourist. By noon, we were packed liked sardines in and out of the water! The waterfall that you’ve probably seen in any photo of Krka National Park is only a few minutes away from the ferry port. The park itself has a circular path that takes about an hour to walk. To be honest, we didn’t walk it because we were so in awe of the first waterfall we just wanted to swim and relax there. But also because it was HOT and you could only swim in the first pool of water. From what I’ve seen online, the money shot is from the first waterfall anyways.

You aren’t able to swim right up to the waterfall as the currents are too strong there. The bottom of the river/water is a mix of sand and giant, slippery rocks. If you have water shoes I’d suggest bringing them. However, none of us had them and we managed fine (aka no on slipped and dropped their phone in the water). The giant rocks are actually quite nice as you can sit on them and relax while taking in your surroundings. The ‘beach’ of Krka isn’t so much a beach as it is a hard, dirt ground. Most of it is shaded and we couldn’t find a sunny spot for the 4 of us to lie in.

Is Krka Worth it?!

Heck yah! Honestly I could not believe how beautiful it is there. The Krka park and river has some of the most beautiful shades of green I’ve seen in nature. I’ve heard Plitvice Lake National Park is even more beautiful but it’s hard to believe a place can be more gorgeous than Krka. I’ll have to go and compare for myself which won’t be a problem as I’ll go back to Croatia one day.

For more information on Krka National Park check out their website.

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