How to Spend a Weekend In Prague, Czech Republic

I’ve been to Prague twice now, once in 2011 and once this year. Before I went this past summer, I legitimately forgot just how much I loved it. And I already know I’ll be back one day. I’ve had the opportunity to check out some key places and then some. I highly recommend visiting Prague and hope to inspire you to plan a trip some time soon!

John Lennon Wall

To be completely honest, I thought the John Lennon Wall was a little.. underwhelming. That being said, the history (and the photo opps) in combination with the convenient location still makes it worth visiting. The John Lennon Wall is a few minutes walk across the Charles Bridge, on the same side as Prague Castle. It’s a short wall covered in colourful graffiti. In the 80’s, people would risk jail time by writing their resentments against the communist regime on the wall. After the death of John Lennon, it was transformed further into a symbol of peace and freedom of speech. Today, the wall is continuously being graffiti overed with positive messages. So if you visited a few years or even weeks ago it’ll look different.

U Parlamentu

Where do I begin with U Parlamentu? It’s so good we went twice. It’s this fantastic restaurant a few minutes outside of the Town Square. They offer outstanding authentic Czech food, but even better and more important – amazing vegetarian options! The prices are right and it’s a short walk to…

Charles Bridge

Constructed in 1357 with a completion in 1402, Charles Bridge was the only means of connecting the Old Town to the Prague Castle until 1841. The first stone was laid in 1357 at 5:31am on July 9th, with a completion in 1402. This date and time (1357 9 7 531, a palindrome) is important to Charles IV as he believed strongly in numerology. Along the bridge are statues of various saints which you’ll maybe notice many have spots of gold. People believe that touching the statues will bring good luck that some areas have been touched so much, the paint has come off to reveal gold.

Karlovy Lazne

If clubs are your thing, I recommend Karlovy Lazne. Located near the Charles Bridge, it’s Prague’s infamous 5 story club. The great thing about this club is that each floor has a different theme and style of music so there’s something for everyone. When I went, we were a group of 5 so we were all looking for different atmospheres. We ended up splitting into 2 groups (because obvis don’t wander alone in a club in a foreign country) and would meet up every now and then. It was honestly so fun dancing to top 40’s music and then heading to a different, quieter floor when we just wanted to chat.

Prague Castle

A UNESCO World Heritage site founded around 880, Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world. Entry is free but then admission into the different quarters comes with a cost. Don’t be turned off by the massive entry line. There were easily a few hundred people in front of us but we couldn’t have waited more than 15 minutes.

Josefov (Prague Jewish Quarter)

Otherwise known as the Prague Jewish Ghetto, Josefov dates back to the 13th century when Jewish people were ordered to leave their homes, occupy one area and banned from living anywhere else. As time went on, so did structural changes and more arrivals and the area became increasingly crowded. All but one of the historical monuments now form the Jewish Museum. Unfortunately for us, the day we went was a Jewish holiday and thus the museum was closed. I know I’ll be back in Prague numerous times in my life and I intend to follow my own advice and visit inside of the museum.

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