Seven Perfect One Week Europe Itineraries

Europe is the perfect destination to see many countries/ cities in one go. You can do so quite efficiently and cheaply due to Europe’s fantastic budget airlines and railway system. Where I’m currently at in life, ideally I would spend about 5 days per city that I visit and at least 10 – 14 days per country. If my only option is 7 days then I have to make the best of it. If you’re strategic and do your research then you can see quite a bit of one place in 2-4 days. You just may need to look at your budget and opt for more expensive accommodations that’s centrally located. And depending where you live in the world (aka if you live in Europe) then shorter stays makes sense as you are able to return to countries and continue exploring them easier and more frequently. Here is my list of perfect one week Europe itineraries!

Prague + Krakow

[Czech Republic + Poland]

Typically I find people do something like Budapest – Vienna – Prague when they do a central Europe trip. But I highly recommend visiting Poland! I personally think it’s such an underrated country and every person I know who has gone has ended up loving it! Czech Republic and Poland are both apart of the European Union however they still have their own currency. So money wise, travelling to these countries can be quite reasonable. This trip may be a little ambitious for some for one week as a train is about 7 hours. However, if you do an overnight trip you save one night of paying for accommodations and still have plenty of time for exploring!

Mostar + Dubrovnik

[Bosnia & Herzegovina + Croatia]

Croatia is a buzzing destination and although there is so much to see there (Plitvice waterfalls, Hvar island!!) I suggest the Pearl of the Adriatic. Especially with this itinerary as Dubrovnik to Mostar is just a 3 hour bus ride (at best). Bosnia has a heavy (and recent) history which I’m sure is preventing people from going. As someone who’s motherland is in Eastern Europe, I’m a huge advocate for exploring that region. Do a quick Mostar Google search. But while you’re at it, research Bosnia a bit and also add Vrelo Bune to your bucket list.

Paris + Colmar


London – Paris – Amsterdam is possibly the most iconic European itinerary for travellers. You hit major cities, travel to 3 countries and they’re all just a couple of hours apart by train. If you’ve already done this route or would like something different for one week, I would suggest sticking to just one of those 3 countries. For me, 3 countries in one week is not worth it. For my blog post I’m picking France. It’s no secret that Paris is a highly sought after destination. It’s dreamy, full of history and a foodie destination. Colmar is a quaint little town just 2 hours by high speed train from Paris. Rumour has it that Beauty and the Beast was inspired by this town. I really don’t think France needs much help marketing. A couple Google searches will have you easily convinced to visit both Paris and Colmar. I would suggest doing 4-5 days in Paris and then 2-3 days in Colmar. Since they are so close by train you can just take it back to Paris to catch your flight home (if you’re flying).

Hamburg + Copenhagen

[Germany + Denmark]

Hamburg appeals to me so such as I love the idea of canal towns. It has one of the biggest harbours in Europe and the city hosts a lot of waterways and canals. It has even been called the Venice of the North. This itinerary works so well as you get a taste of Western Europe and a Scandinavian country. The distance between the two is about 5 hours.

Lucerne + Como

[Switzerland + Italy]

Fly into Zurich and take the 90 minute train to Lucerne – a lake side city with a mountainous panorama. Although a great destination for all, Lucerne is the base for some amazing Alpine rides with easy connection to many mountains. Combined with a well preserved Old Town and numerous bridges, it is a perfect Swiss destination. After spending 3-4 days here, take the train to Como and enjoy the Italian version of a lake side city with a mountainous panorama! Honestly, if Lake Como is good enough for George Clooney, it’s good enough for me! Spend your remaining 3-4 days in Como before catching the train to Milan and heading home.

Hallstatt + Salzburg + Munich

[Austria + Germany]

Three cities in 1 week is quite a lot. The good thing about this route is that even though Hallstatt makes me want to cry at it’s shear beauty, you can really do the town in a day trip from Salzburg. Depending on where you’re coming from (flying in or taking a train) you could fly into Munich, train to Salzburg, train to Hallstatt and then train back to Munich to catch your flight. Salzburg to Munich by train can be as quick as 90 minutes. And Salzburg to Hallstatt is even closer. I would suggest spending 4 days in Munich, 2 days in Salzburg and a day trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt.

Dublin + Galway + Limerick + Killarney


Even though this itinerary includes 4 places, it feels less ambitious to me because it’s intended to be a road trip! You can really tailor it to however works best for you. I suggest you fly into Dublin and then essentially stay in each city for 2 days. For example, if you get into Dublin on Friday night then spend Saturday and Sunday in Dublin. Monday drive to Galway and spend Monday and Tuesday there. Wednesday you’ll drive to Limerick and spend that day and Thursday there. Friday you’ll head to Killarney and spend Friday through to Sunday morning there. Then it’s a hefty drive back to Dublin on Sunday. Again, depending where you’re coming from you can change things up a bit. Although Killarney is a colourful town, you can just spend Friday there and head back to Dublin on Saturday if you have an early flight on Sunday.

Following these Europe itineraries you definitely won’t be an expert on any country but I think you’ll have a good foundation on the cities you visit. There are many great Europe itineraries but sometimes it’s good to go a little off track the norm.

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