Best Local Restaurants in Kelowna, British Columbia

If you’re thinking about coming to Kelowna, British Columbia, please do. Called the California of Canada, my hometown is a beautiful destination. Don’t fact check me on that Cali comment though. Kelowna is home to wineries, the Okanagan lake, scenic hikes and trails and is an up and coming foodie destination. Kelowna’s population is increasing at a rapid pace and therefore the city is feeling the demand to accommodate. New restaurants, cafes and breweries are popping up every year and I ain’t complaining. Especially if they’re locally owned. As a life long local (other than that university stint I pulled in Ottawa) I feel I know a thing or two about where to go. Here are my picks for best local restaurants in Kelowna!

Best Local Restaurants in Kelowna


Source – RauDZ Instagram


Where do I begin with Raudz? If I wasn’t so afraid of committing to a favourite restaurant on the internet, I’d probably say this is the best local restaurant. Raudz has a locally focused menu and all of its wine is entirely from the Okanagan. They even have house-made purees and Okanagan harvested lavender, thyme and mint for their cocktails. Located in downtown Kelowna, it is not a place you want to miss!
Price – $$$-$$$$
Try their handmade parmesan gnocchi.

Source Bohemian Cafe

Bohemian Cafe

Founded in 1991 by a sister-brother duo, Bohemian Cafe’s menu was inspired by family recipes and a love for home cooked meals. A common theme in Kelowna restaurants is the use of locally sourced ingredients (!!) and Boho is no different. A must brunch spot, they are only open Wednesday – Friday 7:30am-2:30pm, Saturday 8:30am-2:30pm and Sunday 8:30am-2:00pm. Fellow vegetarians will be pleased to know they have been recognized for having outstanding veggie options!
Price – $$-$$$
Try their huevos ranhcheros (which is pictured above!)

Source Parlour Instagram

Parlour Ice Cream

Okay so not a restaurant but Parlour needs to be on this list and you’ll thank me after going. Another place that sources Okanagan ingredients, they make all their own ice cream! After returning from Ottawa, I realized Kelowna didn’t do so well in the frozen treats department but Parlour knocked this one out of the park after opening in 2017. Another downtown resident, you can grab a scoop or 3 and cross the street for a nice stroll along the lake
Price – $
Some honourable flavours – pistachio, caramel apple cheesecake and lavender (oh the lavender!) both dairy and non-dairy

Source micro Instagram


Is it cheating if I list two restaurants owned by the same people? Because micro is owned by the same people who own my not internet official favourite restaurant – RauDZ. If you haven’t assumed already micro is, well, small. Just 900 square feet, it’s pretty much just one giant bar and definitely an intimate setting. They’re a great place to enjoy tapas and they have a different yet nice cocktail selection.
Price – $$-$$$
Try their charcuterie board.

Source Smack DAB Instagram

Smack DAB

Smack DAB is located in Manteo resort, which is located on Okanagan lake which therefore means this restaurant has an Instagram worthy view. They offer a breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner but with 150 seats, you won’t have to wait long to be seated. With a well crafted drinks list, this is the place you want to be for some summer patio drinks.
Price – $$$-$$$$
Try their pizza or fried mozzarella cheese.

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